Resolutions, BLOC Groups and Weekend Program.

These change each year so they are separately located from the FAQs and the Attendee's Checklist. Most of that information stays the same from year to year. When the new information is available for each year it will be available below this page. If you cannot scroll down CLICK HERE. If that link doesn't work it is because no information for the next MUNA event is available yet. If you are having any difficulties contact Anthony m: 0417 047 632 or use the Contact Us form.


Each year our dedicated committee research existing UN resolutions to provided MUNA delegates with relevant, interesting and challenging Resolutions for the debates.

BLOC Groups

The member States of the United Nations are unofficially divided into five geopolitical regional groupings (BLOCS). What began as an informal means of sharing the distribution of posts for General Assembly committees has taken on a much more expansive role. Depending on the UN context, regional groups control elections to UN‐related related positions, dividing the pie on the basis of geographic representation, as well as coordinate substantive policy, and form common fronts for negotiations and voting. This year's BLOC country allocations are below.

To Be Confirmed for 2018!


The program allows adults who are facilitating delegates to plan travel and for delegates to plan their prompt attendance at each session.


As a Youth DELEGATE OR AN Adult COUNSELLOR you can now register for MUNA 2018.