Dress Code

Participants are encouraged to wear the national dress of the country they represent.

In fact, there is even an Award for 'Best Country Dress'.

Your sponsoring Rotary Club may assist you with the cost of your national costume (check with your club directly).
In order to create the appropriate atmosphere for the learning experience that MUNA offers, participants must conform to a dress code during meetings of the Assembly. The criteria are professionalism and appropriate for the delegation.
If you decide NOT to wear the national dress (again, we'd prefer you wear national dress):

  • Wear appropriate semi-formal attire, e.g.- your standard school uniform or standard white collar business attire.
  • Caps, jeans, sneakers, sunglasses, are too casual for the Assembly.
  • Outside of the Assembly, dress neat casual as one pleases.

MUNA facilitators and Counsellors are expected to monitor their delegation’s attire. As role models for their delegates, Counsellors that attend MUNA are also expected to follow the dress code in the Assembly.