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United Nations Official Website. The UN Cyber school bus is usually good, however, it is down for maintenance and will return in a few months with a new design and new content. While we update the site, please send any questions or requests to:

CIA Fact book

Broad range of information about individual countries especially trans-national issues

Global Issues

A range of articles about significant global issues.

New Internationalist magazine

This magazine is written from the perspective of the developing world rather than the western world, as is usually the case.

Global Statistics

Huge collection of data, ranging from country profiles, capital cities, surface areas, population and other information.

Contact your embassy/consulate

Not only can you get information from the embassy or consulate's website but you can contact them directly. They have been known to be very supportive of MUNA Delegates in the past.

Wikipedia is awesome!

However, use it with caution; know that there are errors which are almost inevitable with the nature of a wiki. You should try to confirm the accuracy with more authoritative sources, or at least cross reference uncertain facts with 2 or 3 sources.

Wiki is Hawaiian for “fast; quick.” As a noun, wiki means “a website that allows anyone to add, delete or revise content by using a web browser.”