DISTRICT 9820 MUNA Social Media Policy

The policy is to provide an overview of District 9820 Model United Nations Assembly, (MUNA) social media framework and guidelines.

Model United Nations Assembly

Model United Nations Assembly

Rotary District 9820

Rotary District 9820

MUNA Goals of Use of Social Media

The goals for effective use of social media associated with District 9820 MUNA event are to:

  • Promote Rotary and the MUNA concept and events,

  • Provide mechanisms for development of bloc relationships and strategies across teams,

  • Encourage Rotary, student friends, families and teachers to attend the event,

  • Provide an option for Rotary, student friends, families and teachers who are unable to attend the event to follow what is happening, and

  • Make the event a fun and positive weekend.


MUNA Social Media Policy

District 9820 MUNA and the hosting Rotary Club(s) seek to encourage information and link-sharing amongst those who are directly or indirectly involved in District 9820 MUNA event. It is a priority that social media posts should be in keeping with the image that Rotary and specifically District 9820 wishes to present to the public and posts made through its social media channels should not damage Rotary's reputation in any way. MUNA social media users will comply with the following guidelines when using MUNA social media channels. All posts will:

  • Focus on the MUNA event,

  • Provide a positive outlook,

  • Be fair and respectful to all,

  • Not use any false, defamatory, inflammatory, racial, rude or offending material,

  • Not use any photographs, videos or like without the explicit approval of the person whose image is in the photograph, videos or like, the parent/guardian and District 9820 MUNA Social Media Officer, and

  • Not use the full name of any individual instead referring to those participating by their first name and country represented eg.- Mary (Australia).

 If you wish to raise a concern regarding compliance with the guidelines, please contact District 9820 MUNA by email to muna@district9820.org

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